Jade Wolf 3 Demo!

2011-08-28 09:32:38 by SeditionGames

So I released a demo to Jade Wolf 3! If you play it, please leave some feedback about what you liked and didn't like!

I'm kind of unsure of what else to put into the full game...

New games!

2011-06-30 19:07:40 by SeditionGames

I just released an homage to old-school twitchy shooters! glowpace was inspired by Raiden and Geometry Wars.

Whilst I enjoy a lot of newgrounds shooters, these days they all seem to be about buying upgrades, and then hiding behind a wall of bullets.

I wanted this to be a different experience - the upgrade is that the player's skill improves as they play (though I did put a scatter-shot in RAIDEN mode).


I'm also working hard on Jade Wolf 3 - I want the demo to be out next week!

New games!

Jade Wolf 2!

2010-04-13 22:27:27 by SeditionGames

Frontpage! Thankyou, newgrounds!

Jade Wolf 2 Demo out!

2010-01-13 07:47:29 by SeditionGames

Play Jade Wolf 2 Demo!

I might put it on newgrounds when there's a bit more to show, in a week or so...

Grandmaster Flash!

2009-09-08 01:31:40 by SeditionGames

GrandMaster Flash Contest!

My Game, Jade Wolf, is in the finalists for the e4.com Grandmaster Flash contest!

Please vote on it. If it wins, I'll make a sequel that will be bigger and better!

Grandmaster Flash!