Entry #1

Grandmaster Flash!

2009-09-08 01:31:40 by SeditionGames

GrandMaster Flash Contest!

My Game, Jade Wolf, is in the finalists for the e4.com Grandmaster Flash contest!

Please vote on it. If it wins, I'll make a sequel that will be bigger and better!

Grandmaster Flash!


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2009-09-08 01:56:16

I think I have to register or something. It looks like a good game though; hope you win!


2009-09-08 06:25:23

Yeah, you have to register, but it only takes 30 seconds! You just enter your details, you don't have to then go to your inbox to verify it or anything...

I did it, it was seriously 30 seconds...


2009-09-08 11:20:29

This is just a cheap ripoff of William and Sly.

SeditionGames responds:

um... even though it was finished BEFORE William and Sly was released? It took 3 months to find a sponsor...

And this has slope detection, and loops, like sonic or fancy pants.

But I know what you mean, they ARE similar. I'll have to do more in the sequel to differentiate it...


2011-12-22 11:54:30

can you tell me the secrets?i have 97% but i don't know where to look!