Entry #5

Jade Wolf 3 Demo!

2011-08-28 09:32:38 by SeditionGames

So I released a demo to Jade Wolf 3! If you play it, please leave some feedback about what you liked and didn't like!

I'm kind of unsure of what else to put into the full game...


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2011-08-28 17:03:43

I thought it was fun, not sure what to recommend you add..


2011-12-22 11:50:53

I like the games,but i can't find all 8 secrets in jade wolf 1 i alredy complete the game with 97% but anyways love every game and everything about them.


2012-11-13 22:41:15

i love jade wolf 3 demo please make the full one


2014-02-14 10:15:11

I would like to see in full game colour changing option,sandbox mode,angel glow,bonus levels,and a detailed map.


2014-12-31 12:08:46

Hope You're still workin' on the game because this was one of the most awesome games I played in My entire Life